The Gathering Place is proud to support the local Amtgard Barony of Nightglade.

Welcome to the Barony of Nightglade! They are a park of the Golden Plains of West Texas. 

Location: San Angelo, TX
Park Day: Kirby Park, Sunday Noon til everyone's done.
Fighter Practice: Posted on the Nightglade Facebook Page
A&S: Posted on the Nightglade Facebook Page

Monarch: Rage AldricBrennan 
Regent: Daemon Greyskull 
PM: Thalon
Champion: Sir Grei Darkjester

The Gathering Place Barony of Nightglade Liaison:

Miroze Dreamsong (Dove Milhon)

• ♦ • ♦ • ♦ • ♦ • ♦ •

Contact the Barony of Nightglade:

For information regarding the Shire of Nightglade, please contact

The Gathering Place San Angelo

Or join the Nightglade Facebook Page

The Barony of Nightglade