We are extremely proud of our facilities. We keep them clean, sanitizing tables and chairs daily and making sure that rooms have plenty of space in them for our players to get around.

The best part of our shop is that we not only provide you a place to play, but we also provide private rooms for all of your roleplay games, private matches, and even your studying needs- and it's absolutely free! To reserve rooms ahead of time, just give us a call! Otherwise, rooms are first come, first serve - and you don't even have to clean up the room when you're done. Let our friendly staff pick up the mess, and you just come and enjoy yourself!

Room: Ten Forward

Seats: Up to 8 (Eight) Players

Available for Reservation: Yes.

Call for availability!

Room: Room of Smash

Seats: Up to 8 (Eight) Players

This room has a standing reservation for our Smash Bros players!

Room: Mos Eisley Cantina

Seats: Up to 10 Players

Room: The Demo(lition) Room

Seats: Up to Eight Players

Room: The Main Gaming Floor

Seats: Up to 48 Players